Friday, 16 November 2018

Food and Me

Walt  identify reasons for the food choice that people make.
Identify relationships between choice and body image.   

Taha tinana  (physical)
Eat to survive.
Fuel our body.
To be able to exercise.
Grow muscles.
Cool us down or to warm us up.

Taha whanau (social)
Celebrates- get to pick what you eat
Rules: eat everything that is on your plate no dessert if you don't eat every on your plate you can't have any other food for the rest of the night no playing with your food eat with a knife and fork

Taha hinengaro (spiritual)
Eat when we are feeling sad or depressed
Eat when we are bored
Eat when you are hungry
Certain food or feel not so good when we have eaten when certain
Eat when it looks good eat when it smells good and when it looks yummy

Taha wairua (mental emotional)
My nana
My birthday
Vanilla cupcakes and when I sleep at my nana's house we go  shopping

Research Term 4 Week 4

I have finished my Guy Fawkes work and here it is. We made these because it was Guy Fawkes last week so here is my work on Guy Fawkes. We had to tell the reader why we have Guy Fawkes and do research  on why we have firework day. It was really interesting what we found and hopefully you learn something today from the work that I did.    

WALT : Research key facts on a topic


Tuesday, 25 September 2018


Today I finished my writing on a fairy tale and make it your own but keep  some of the characters and make their personality different so I picked the fairy tale  Little Red Riding Hood and changed the name to Little Blue Ridding Hood and in my story she is bad and the wolf is good and granny is bad too so here is my writing I hope you enjoy it I think it is good but maybe next time I could add some new charters in the story that I make 

Daddy can I have a bedtime story please “ of course you can “             One day long long ago
There was a wolf a granny and a little girl called little blue riding hood  she was very bad not many people liked her because she eats people. And then one day she went to the wolfs house and he was so scared about that he did not  open the door but she new the wolf was in there so she smashed down the door and said do you want to be eaten and he rang granny to come over and then he hang up but then little blue riding hood  ate him and then granny ran in and said what the hell are you doing and then little blue riding hood ate her too but then she spit her back out and she said I am really sorry about that and she said that's okay but don't do again but then the wood chopper came in so granny ate him in second later there was a old man named Greg and he was little blue riding hood's dad  he was a really nice man everybody in town loved him because he was so kind and nice. So one day 7 years ago Greg turned bad then little blue riding hood turned bad then all of the people that lived in the town would not even be on the same street as him because he was starting to eat people and that's the day little red riding hood started to be bad but then the wood copper came into there house one day and chopped the door down and said I am sick of you eating our people that live in this town so he ate Greg and then little blue riding hood and the town lived happily ever after the End  

Goodnight daddy thanks for reading me little blue riding hood

Friday, 21 September 2018

Prep 2018

This week is PrEP and I love it so far!
So I am the CEO of my group that means that I am the boss and I make sure that the people in my group are dong the right thing. We are making jars with faces on them and mystery envelopes. We have all ready had the little market and we sold out. That was really good!  We sell the mystery  envelopes for 5 and the jars are 6. Here is a photo of our stuff. We have a lot of people in our group, we have me, Summer, Zyah Baylee , Saamiya, Tom, Lachlan and Hannah . My group is called arts and crafts.                                               Thanks for looking at my work.     

Friday, 7 September 2018

little red riding hood

Yesterday I finished my little red riding hood work it did not take that long to do i liked doing this a activate we are learning about  infringing work and using our prier negligee to solve what is happening in a photo so here is my work on little red ridding hood  here is a photo of my work 

Maths Self assess

Today I finished my self assess maths work so what we had to do is  Go through each of the learning goals and use the traffic light system to show where you at with each goal initially.
Green - can do this well
Orange- need some more practice but can do this
Red - Stop, I cannot yet do this Choose four goals to focus on during our unit study.  Highlight the goals purple.During our unit collect evidence towards these goals and link two pieces in the columns provided.  We will do some activities altogether and you can also be self selecting activities from the stations slide or maths buddy to help you achieve your goals. this was easy to do and will help me with my work

Show not tell Writing

Yesterday I finished my show not tell writing it did not take that long to do but I liked doing it I got a bit stuck at the start because I did not know what to write down but then I got heaps down so here is my writing we had to do a plan before we started so there is a  photo of that too if you were wondering why some of the writing is high lighted it is because what we did in the plan we had to highlight in the peace of writing that I did 
WALT: Show not tell when we describe