Friday, 7 September 2018

little red riding hood

Yesterday I finished my little red riding hood work it did not take that long to do i liked doing this a activate we are learning about  infringing work and using our prier negligee to solve what is happening in a photo so here is my work on little red ridding hood  here is a photo of my work 

Maths Self assess

Today I finished my self assess maths work so what we had to do is  Go through each of the learning goals and use the traffic light system to show where you at with each goal initially.
Green - can do this well
Orange- need some more practice but can do this
Red - Stop, I cannot yet do this Choose four goals to focus on during our unit study.  Highlight the goals purple.During our unit collect evidence towards these goals and link two pieces in the columns provided.  We will do some activities altogether and you can also be self selecting activities from the stations slide or maths buddy to help you achieve your goals. this was easy to do and will help me with my work

Show not tell Writing

Yesterday I finished my show not tell writing it did not take that long to do but I liked doing it I got a bit stuck at the start because I did not know what to write down but then I got heaps down so here is my writing we had to do a plan before we started so there is a  photo of that too if you were wondering why some of the writing is high lighted it is because what we did in the plan we had to highlight in the peace of writing that I did 
WALT: Show not tell when we describe

Maths problem solving

This week I finished my maths problem solving activity. So what you had to do is Decide what the important information is in the problem.

Record the equation or equations it is asking you to solve.

Solve each problem using words, diagrams and symbols to show your working. Some  of them were easy and some were hard I like doing this activity so here is a photo of my work I did 

WALT:Decide what the important information is in the problem.


Thursday, 30 August 2018


WALT: Write interesting sentences to describe a moment in time.

Yesterday I finished my writing on a giraffe. We got a photo to write about so here is my writing. It was sort of hard to get started and think what might have happened before this photo however I liked doing this writing. Here is the photo that we got to write about. I hope you like it, thanks Ryah .
PS: There could be some mistakes in the writing as is this is my draft. Writing

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Fraction think board

WALT  Read, write and show fractions in different ways

Today we did maths and we did fractions. This is the work we did. This took about 20 minuets to do and I liked doing it. I think the one when I had to do the number line was the hardest one because it was hard to create the number line but then Mrs P helped me.  The fraction of a shape and the equivalent fractions was the easiest to do. 

The one with milkshakes was really fun to do. I liked doing that one because the milkshake looks really good they all were really cool. I liked doing this activity it was cool way to show my learning about fractions.  My next learning step is to do another one independently and make it look my interesting .  

Monday, 27 August 2018

What is a Fairy Tale?

WALT: Identify and locate fairy tales in the library

This week we did what a fairy tale is ? So what we had to do is we went to to the library and we had to find a fairy tale.  It took quite a long time to find one mainly because we looked in the fiction section when they are actually in the non fiction section. I did find one in the end. I found Jack and the Beanstalk.  Once we had found a fairy tale we had to work out what features made it a fairy tale and not just a fiction story so here is my work I did on what is a fairy tale.